i eat dinosaurs (transient_light) wrote,
i eat dinosaurs

There are things that are more important than money.

I am out here on the west coast, missing my friends. I moved out here with Nathan into a small, dingy basement apartment off of commercial drive. We had an awesome time: Living with your best friend is amazing, as far as roommates go. But after a few years of being in a new city I decided I wanted to be apart for awhile and see what else was out there. Leaving my nest lead me to a lot of new people and ideas, but looking back I'm not sure I really appreciated how much I would miss having someone who really knows me. I guess it's one of those things where someone is only half of what you think you want, so you can only be friends. I digress.

Anyway I originally moved to Vancouver, half out of wanting to go on an amazing adventure and half out of wanting a taste for freedom from my family. I had been given true freedom while in Katimavik. It was a magical time; I met people I would have never bothered to talk to, and 9 months living together made them my friends. From that, I couldn't bring myself to go back. I never regretted this decision.

The only thing I regret in leaving Ontario is leaving my best friends(other than Nathan) in the entire world. I still remember my friends picking me up from my 9 month trip away, and that car ride to Amber's place when I told Rachel and Amber that I wouldn't be staying back home for much longer. I mentioned something about Vancouver, and an apartment. Amber started to cry, and my heart broke. Because the thing about Amber is, she understands the gravity of things. She knew that I wouldn't be coming back for a long long time. Something that hadn't quite hit me until then.

Being out here has changed me, but not as much as they think it has. People are wondrously resilient to change. Even though distance and writing style might suggest otherwise.
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