i eat dinosaurs (transient_light) wrote,
i eat dinosaurs

aww highschool!

Amber put this on my locker in grade Ten or something :)

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i hear trains at night!!! and the kitchen floor!!! i just found pics of us all in high school!! us and our antics!!! aww to be young again... i miss u!!
you are PURE genius!!!

that sent me into convulsions of laughter, you should be outlawed with your insane randomness...but i'm sure it probably has some meaning right? and if not, there is meaning in the lack of meaning of course!

misss you like a fish in a frying pan misses watter
*makes fishy noises*
wait wait
i just made up a word to suit this humor and my reference to fish
and then there can be gigglesnort, gigglefnord *bursts* GIGGLEFNORD!!!!!

k, i'm off ot the padded room now
tricks are for kids, tricks are for kids
robert anton wilson once wrote a trilogy called the ILLUMINATUS where the term fnords came from. It's a Brave New World New Speak kinda thing where you'll see something on tv or in the newspaper that makes you go aughhuh! and frightens you into submitting to the pressures of a dominating police state social order. Let the men in suits run your world and take care of you kind of thing. If you see a fnord you might not recognize it. Recognize it and you might not live to tell others about it. Tell others about fnords and find yourself disappeared.
But it's only fiction.
I never got laid in highschool. Go figure.
fucking atleast you have a reason you never got laid in highschool.
ouch on me:S

grrr to you for never trying to get down my pants!

grrr i miss you!
clarification.. i sometimes pretend i'm mad at Duka for not having sex with me a long time ago(basically i was like "Hey come have sex with me" and he was like "NO!" ...? umm sorry if that's not cool! it's just uhh the comment about not getting laid and the drunkeness on my part bringing it to mind.

I miss you too if it's any consolation.


January 25 2006, 02:17:48 UTC 12 years ago

"Yes I have a system. You make an assumption because you have a system, your system, you're symptomatic, it's chronic! You think it's benign, that it has to be cut out, this system is simple. Blanket folded thus the sheet pulled taut the mattress. The mattress can't be trusted, it has to be gutted. I looked under twenty and found a pea and you wonder why I'm not sleeping? Are you worried that I cut up my mattress for no reason or that I had a perfectly good reason that you can't see? Can't...see...anyone. Even the orderlies wear masks."
That last one was me. I'm stupid. I might as well just mash the keys on Rachel's keyboard and hope that something efficient comes of it.
fucking what the fuck is that? i tried to jimmy the internet into telling me but it's too cryptic.
i fucking miss you fuck.
It is a fucking excerpt from a marketing scheme by the creators of Serenity called Session 416. They released it on the fucking internet to draw attention to the movie and get people talking. It is a fuck series of really dark interviews with River Tam at an Alliance run facility. It begins with her application interview for enrollment into the "academy" and documents her eventual psychosis as they tamper with her brain. She stabs Joss Whedon in the throat with a pen. Fuck, I can't say fuck as fucking much as you can you fucking little cuddlecum.