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This is just an entry about feeling obligated to write because of
some seemingly on-the-rocks relationships and these thoughts
that are bombarding me day in and day out....

a few thoughts,
How have I managed to:
A)solicit calls from my Mother which exist for the sole purpose of making me feel guilty for not calling
B)completely blank on the subject of my close friends back in Ontarioland and why or when we stopped talking(i think it's me!)
C)lose contact with every cousin, sibling, classmate, co-worker... hell some people who write me letters have very little
reason to beleive i'm alive at all. how do people operate like that?
maybe it's just me, but if im'a write you it's gotta be like the second comming, or i'm dying, or i've given you something fairly nasty.
hmm. must prioritise just a smidgen perhapse.
i guess it sounds a tad concieted, even ungreatfull, but the truth is i'd like to change my ways.
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