i eat dinosaurs (transient_light) wrote,
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i'm coming up from behind, all those with timid natures had better go hide! :P
Peterborough arriving.
christmas coming: makes for crafty things, like me knitting and nathan laughing at the fact, or super bead buying bonanzas.
i'm a bead whore, especially for dinosaur beads!
January willing i'll be starting(finally good god in heaven on a cloud!) university courses.
fast approaching.
next time I see my Mumma she'll have been a month since touching alcohol or drugs and on her way from the psych-ward to a
proper treatment center.
so officially that's my christmas present, that she went because she wanted it bad enough. I'm thinking i'll get her some
knitting needles and yarn when i see her next, since it's been therapy for me lately and god knows months without drugs.. yeah that's just awful to think about right now. So i'll see everyone in 12 days and you better be cheery and shit :)
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