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i eat dinosaurs

turkıye does sushi

I am still kickin it here in BC, keeping my poor bum clothed.
the decision to go back to school is (and I know it's cliche)like pushing my boat out into a huge ocean. now that the details are finalized I can start to realize it. embarking on a longer journey than I can allow myself to imagine. I cannot see the other side of this and that feels.. okay.

for the next month I will be like a leaf oscillating back and forth - Peterborough awaits - until I finally hit rock bottom, or my credit card is maxed, either way. yay.
Girls, be prepared to eat way too much chocolate and trash boys, even tho I love those penis-laden folk, it's been faaar too long. the GOSSIP must be realized!!

oooh and eating sushi twice a day is getting expensive so I went out and bought lots of seaweed paper and rice, wasabi ect.. drool. sushi party at my house..err apartment.

there are four interesting books sitting unread on my side table. it's very fortunate that I won't be working in september. oh well I suppose i'll start showing up for bookclub with the vegan-godess-women that drive me absolutely crazy. or not.

meeting new people is fun and easier now that i'm not stressed at work and looking like I want to kill things all the time. Actually I got nicely buzzed at work the other night off of Vodka and lemon sorbet. It's best to keep the cat-calling to a minimum at these times.

I went to a real live swing-dancing event last month and I wore fushia and had an excellent time. I also found out they're offering free swing-meets at the College. Is that lame? well I think it's neeto and spiffy ;)

no more awkward bum shaking for me.

love Sarah
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so guess who's moving to vancouver.


i'll be there around the beginning of september.

you never moved here .... I want to eat sushi with you and b-ron
'bees knees'... lol, i cannot wait to see you, i miss you so much that it hurts! (insert cheesy frienship/eternal-connection-even-though-we-are-apart- quote )

ahh! FYI : Baco may try to make it back to the hvk on the week of your return!!

elephant shoe!

I admire you going back to school, I desperately want to expirience college myself. A lot is changing on this end of things, Jon is conciderring leaving the military and going to school, maybe in Edmonton. I want to study as well, though haven't decided what or where, the west sounds like a great idea though. soo, we might be closer soon =D
wish us luck in making good decisions
oooooh. It is so soon until you come visit! EEe. I'm so excited. I'm trying to jimmy at least one day off for your triumphant return, and I never take time off, so be very enthused!! Yay. So soon! And you get to meet Danface.