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last night i was walking up my hill that i always do after that long day that i have.. it's such a depressing hill.. there are so many more poignant things to write about but let me just drag this description through the dirt for awhlie as to emphasise how interesting my day was: just look at it! it's unexplicably pointy.. the hill is laden with a park and some buildings.. yeah... maybe that's why it sucks.. it's not interesting.


The only thing interesting that ever happened on that hill was last night as i was smoking my first cigarette after the one that was supposed to be my last, i saw two figures pass and continued on until i heard the most familiar French accent say "sarah" and i spun to see Benjamin... My old Fucking PL from Katimavik! it was so trippy and surreal, he hugged me SO hard.. it was just about the only familiar feeling in the last 8 months.. so many images of my old group came back in the instant of an unexpected blip..

Imagine running into the person I most needed to see, and miles away from where they aught to have been.. living now on my street.. invites me for a beer.. how many moments had lead us to this moment, how beautiful

and yesterday and today recieving a package from rachel full of colouring books she had hand picked and printed and ribboned.. and cd's of the most emo and metricky kind.

Then my mother sends me a letter telling me she's clean of so many things that have been plaguing her for a lifetime..

Part of life is realizing that it can't all be fucking sunshine... and that's good.
tonight my most awesome of friends calls me to tell me that: an aspect of the most unsettling nature has presented itself in her relationship.. It just so happens that this idiosyncrasy is the very reason that Nathan and I are drifting ever apart.. how do people on the other side of the country understand me more than the person who sleeps on the other side of the bed? i almost wish men sat around talking about us.. maybe they would figure something out... at least more fart jokes would be discovered if they talked more..

who knows, maybe I'll discover more fart jokes.
this needs to end.
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