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is this the thing that it was when i saw it?

okay here's how it works: i'm prepping for the Language Proficiency Index but i'm so fucking rusty at essays so..
to all those people who have written so many papers that they now start every sentance with a thesis and end it with three supporting points... now's your chance to be a part of someone elses suffering! yay!
1]respond with an essay topic(it should be fairly specific)... oh, it can't be about God, War, or Love, c'mon have mercy!

2]i pick the one I like the most(aka the easiest one), i post.

3]you review (yay!?) and we all win because we are amazing and i'll love you forvever and ever.

i mean.. GO!!!
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you never called, pops and me were all gun ho ready to drive up and see you when you called...grrrrr....

here are them pics of my lovely love I promised to send you but some reason didn't work via hotmail.:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Jon and I after an 18 hour car ride adn a nap...in PEI
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Jon and I at his grad, I look like crap cause only a few hours later I was bend over with convulsive vomiting pain =D *big smile now*
and what Jon looked like when I met him, all handsom and princely in his armour, all yummy and such
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
then crummy old big brother shaved him grrrr
aww the first picture you look sooooo cute(but you look like your aunt :P)

Hey hold up tho-when i talked to you i asked if we were gonna see eachother at christmas but you thought you'd be too busy! You said that to me!
so :P i didn't call because i knew i'd talk to you after all the hussle and bustle of chrapmas. (heart)

i would have loved to see ya (and Jean!)of course but turns out we had a really exhausting christmas and we wouldn't have been much fun anyway.

p.s. he looks so early 90's with the long hair it's awesome!
p.p.s i love you
i must have gottne3 confusled in all the hussleling and busselling of "chrapmas"
i thoguht yo'd still calll though, but muh, it is past now...and there is a new year ahead of us for new opportunities to meet up in other ways.
Jon is very much a product of the 90's, and we both cna't wait till he is freed form the shacles of the military so he can grow hsi beard and hair back acn return to his dream with a oension toe fund it, that is armour making/smithery and artisans work. I a burly artist to the bone ;)
if you could maybe send a pic or two of you adn your bo, i'd like to see htis compadre of yours, so I have some idea of teh freak children you two could produce, hee hee, kidding of course, but seriouis about wanting to see pics ot theis heart winner. Send him my regards.
love you too
Joyeuse Fette and Magical Yule times
Okay, um....
There are lots of different types of essays. Like, there are research essays, where you pick a topic and make a thesis about it. For example... Your topic would be the Canada's involvement in the Cold War, and you make a thesis that's like... "Canada was not one of the major players in the Cold War, but did help to create an international environment that was hostile toward Soviet nations..."

Then there are theory essays, where you engage with another theory or theories, and make a thesis about that. You would state the theory you're engaging with, and then your thesis would be a critical statement about that theory.

Then there are opinion-type essays, where most of the info and supporting evidence will come out of your own head and experience. Is this the type of essay you've got to write? If so... Pick something both generic and specific. That is, something that is a more specific issue, that has more broad implications. Like, talk about why Canada should do more to ratify the Kyoto protocal, and refer to broader environmental implications. Or talk about a native land dispute issue, and relate it to the way that we treat native peoples in general. But those are just things that I'm interested in.

Or you should write a more generic essay about art. I've always wanted an excuse to do this, but haven't had one. Like, what is art? Can advertisements be art? What about art that preaches something?

Just ideas.

Love you.
1. Well, as near as I can figure it being white and all, the word essay has something to do with being latino. And you call your other friends ESSAY! and then maybe you try to get into the country and get a job doing something until some men who want green cards start yelling and then the ESSAYs run and go into the water and have a bath until the slowest 'ESSAY' is trapped and sent home. Then he comes back to the same job a little while later and says 'ESSAY'. It sounds fun! Wait...are latinos and mexicans the same thing?

If that doesn't work, I suggest buying ESSAYS off the internet. They're cheap and easy to use!

Hope this helps, Love Hobduka!