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I am not made for this world

Outrageous** $30 American for an item that weighs appx.1.5 pounds and ships from the U.S...
This is a clear Scam and if there were people being paid to look into this piddly shit, i'd have a case.

it's not that the item only cost me roughly $9/AM(it's all about wieght so it would just be emotional to argue product cost)
no. that's not what pisses me off. It's that if you read back into 'the users' feedback from customers you'd see he's had 40 negative reviews this month. It's happened to SO many people but if you look at his stats it still says he has a %96 positive feedback rating.
It's not hard to drown the real ratings with fake one's, there's no question that's what is going on.

and yet none of us can get him kicked off because there's noone to appeal to. Ebay claims little responsibility for the actions of it's sellers, unless an item is never delivered, other than that you're pretty much on your own.
yet if you fail to pay, they're on you like syrup to a pancake!

So why such an inflated Price? Do I not bleed?!
in most cases it's even cheaper to ship from the States than within our own borders (yeah! rediculously enough)

to charge an exorbitant amount of money like that, you've gotta know that whoever falls into the trap are helpless to defend themselves.
And that is undeniably true. They could very well charge 70.00 in shipping so i guess they let me off easy ;O

I looked into it further and:
In some cases like this they counted on the buyer to freak out and email them being irrational so that they(the seller) could claim harrasment. They will get a buyer kicked off faster than you can say.. something very fast.

So here's the thing.. i'd rather not pay. I'd rather be a baby, whine a little and eventually be booted off Ebay.
I mean it's a viable option. Just walking away? But maybe i have to 'take it up the ass'. which hurts.. real bad.
I mean, in the end it IS my fault for being so unwitting and naive. Fuckity.
*Bends over*
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